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Sat May 24 11:24:08 PDT 2003

At 09:07 PM 5/22/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Heya guys,
>I was just wondering looking at the current profiles, they all seem to define
>package entities and reference them like
><!ENTITY ch5-glibc SYSTEM "../chapter05/glibc.xml">
>And somewhere in chapter5.xml we got a &ch5-glibc; when we want to install 
>I was reading this email:
>Subject: Use of Xinclude with nALFS
>A whole bunch of entities could be removed and replaced with <xi:include
>href="glibc.xml"/> type tags.
>Are there any drawbacks to this (which would explain why I haven't seen it
>being used much)?
>Gerard Beekmans

Once upon a time I tried going down that road. Logically it seems like a
good idea since each package and each chapter is independent of each other.
In theory it lets you upgrade individual LFS packages or the entire chapter.
Also, splitting it into independent and self-contained xml files is necessary
if CAN (Comprehensive ALFS Archive) was to exist.

Here's the reason why the profiles don't use xinclude:
"As LFS and BLFS are integrated projects, this is probably the way to go,
as it allows to manage the entity declarations (and in particular the
package version) in a single file."

Here's my unfinished work on an xinclude-based lfs profile:


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