Why entities if you have <xi:include>...

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat May 24 11:41:38 PDT 2003

On May 24, 2003 12:24 pm, Pawel wrote:
> Once upon a time I tried going down that road. Logically it seems like a
> good idea since each package and each chapter is independent of each other.
> In theory it lets you upgrade individual LFS packages or the entire
> chapter. Also, splitting it into independent and self-contained xml files
> is necessary if CAN (Comprehensive ALFS Archive) was to exist.
> Here's the reason why the profiles don't use xinclude:
> "As LFS and BLFS are integrated projects, this is probably the way to go,
> as it allows to manage the entity declarations (and in particular the
> package version) in a single file."

They dont' have to be independant. With my LFS-CVS profile each profile loads 
the ../entities.ent file which is in the top-level directory so all the 
entities are gathered that way. It simply beats having to define a SYSTEM 
entity for the file, then reference the file by &chapter05-glibc; type 

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