Why entities if you have <xi:include>...

Jamie Bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Wed May 28 13:30:16 PDT 2003

Pawel wrote:
> At 12:41 PM 5/24/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>> They dont' have to be independant. With my LFS-CVS profile each 
>> profile loads
>> the ../entities.ent file which is in the top-level directory so all the
>> entities are gathered that way. It simply beats having to define a SYSTEM
>> entity for the file, then reference the file by &chapter05-glibc; type
>> constructions.
>> -- 
>> Gerard Beekmans
>> http://linuxfromscratch.org
> They're all depend on the entities file, but they're independent of each 
> other.
> You can install any package without having the profile for other packages.
> Pawel

I'm in the process of completing a PLFS nALFS profile using xinclude 
exclusively. I didn't seen any problems with using it apart from the 
fact that some paths need to be hard coded.

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