Timothy Bauscher timothy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu May 29 13:58:10 PDT 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 06:17:16PM +0200, Neven Has wrote:
> On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 12:28:49AM -0400, Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> > Writing profiles is a pain in the ass. They're wonderful to
> > have afterwards, though. So here's a script to convert shell
> > commands into a profile:
> > 
> > cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at highos.com:/home/cvsroot co entling
> Sweeet. :)  I tested it against some LFS commands I had (I'm not sure
> if they were lfscmd output, or those older ones).  It doesn't produce
> a 100% correct output, but it's a start.  Would be great to make it
> work, as I'm not sure how easy will be to merge a book's XML and ALFS
> (if that's still an idea, I'm a little behind lfs-dev).

Hullo Neven.

It's about 75-85% accurate, depending on the book. It doesn't
do well with character escapes, so that it's less accurate
with LFS 3.3 (which uses lots of seds) than with LFS 4.x.

entling can't handle shell expansion, nor for loops. So pages
like "Creating directories" in the LFS book come out totally

Another weakness is the base element. It isn't broken, but it
leaves something to be desired. entling monitors directory
changes and changes the base accordingly. Unfortunately, the
base doesn't go down, per se.

An example to illustrate this: If the current base for glibc
is &pkg.dir;/&glibc.dir;/ and a call to "cd ../glibc-build"
is performed, the base from that point onwards becomes

Another quirk is the handling of <option>'s. A call to
"make CC='gcc -static'" would be broken down into:

<make base="...blah">

These quirks aren't harmful, but they're certainly not pretty.

entling is more a means to speed profile compilation rather than
a cure for automation. All of these bugs are fixable, but I'm
not interested in fixing them. It works well as an assistant,
and with the LFS book changing to a custom XML, there's bound to
be a less time-consuming/error-prone way to automate LFS builds
in the future.


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