Website accident, alfs/view emptied

James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Nov 6 20:17:55 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> James, I am working on the integration of the docs into the nALFS 
> tarball as I write this. I have downloaded the html/txt/tar.bz2 docs you 
> have in your home directory, and successfully gotten them to be 
> installed during the nALFS install (and also included into the tarball).

Sweet.  I love the smell of progress!
> I had to rename everything, which I don't have a problem with as long as 
> I can rely on the names not changing in the future :-)

What is included in 'everything'?  The hunks version of the docs are 
very particular about file and dir names.
> This brings up another point: do we want to have both "stable" and "CVS" 
> versions of the hacker's guide/user's guide/syntax doc viewable on the 
> web site? If so, the ALFS site will need a bit of reorganization to 
> accomodate that.

Since the docs are currently generated staright from CVS, I put CVS in 
the filenames.  When we publish a stable tarball I wanted to pull the 
tagged docs and provide downloadable doc files seperate from the source 
tarball just in case a person just wanted a set of stable docs.  I was 
not anticipating the need to have stable versions available on the 
website for view.  The latest and greatest should be pretty good there I 
would think.  If this is not to everyone's liking, then by all means 
change things around.  Putting docs into a stable spot was going to be a 
manual process anyways IMO.


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