Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Mon Nov 10 00:43:09 PST 2003

Leo wrote on 09 November 2003 19:26
>    Hello!
>    I've used LFS to make my linux but now I want to put on CD with
>installer and configurator. Where do I find documentation about installer
>          I'm student university from Brazil and I've been developed a
>version Linux exclusive to my university.
>          Can you help me?
>          Leo.

Try .

Specifically bootcd.txt, bootlfscd.txt and boot-cd_easy.txt. 

And go and read the FAQ like Jeroen suggested you do!!!! HTML is not
welcome on any of the lfs mailing lists. Also many people filter out
HTML emails so you may never get replies to your questions if you 
continue. Posting the same question multiple times not only wastes
bandwidth but also annoys people.


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