todo for 1.2.0-pre

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Mon Nov 10 20:01:51 PST 2003

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 08:23:21PM -0700, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> >So basically, we'll simply use branches only for pre releases:
> >
> >tag:              v1_2_0_rc1     v1_2_0_rc2     v1_2_0
> >               +--+--------------+--------------+
> >               |                  \              \
> >          --+--+------+---+--------+-----+-----+--+---+--+-->
> >tag:           v1_2_0_rc
> >branch:        v1_2_0_rc_branch
> This is very similar to what I had been thinking, which was:
> - branch as "1_2_0", then update bootstrap.configure with "1.2.0-rc1" as 
> the version number and commit to the branch, then tag as 1_2_0_rc1 (so 
> the version number change is included in the tagged files)

Yes, that's what that little +--+ on the branch should represent. :)

And I agree that vX_Y_Z_branch for a branch name would be better
(instead of vX_Y_Z_rc_branch), as X.Y.Z release is going to happen
there after all.

> In this scenario, the 1_2_0 branch would never be merged back into
> HEAD, 
> rather any patches applied to the 1_2_0 branch that were applicable to 
> HEAD would be committed there separately. I can't say whether that's 
> better or worse, just different :-) However, as soon as HEAD is 
> available for 1.2.1 development, I want to update all the handlers to 
> support syntax version 3.2 and start that development, and that could 
> make merging from 1_2_0 back to HEAD a complicated process.

We should merge the changes if possible, if not, just apply them
manually as you say.  But that's not a big deal.  Nor the changes
between pre releases should be that big (hopefully).

> >Packaging a release.  Kevin's script that creates CVS snapshots seems
> >to be doing a good job, so I guess this is already done?  Is changing
> >the version in bootstrap.configure the only thing necessary to create
> >the package with the right name, included documentation that will be
> >installed in the right place, etc. ?
> It seems to be working well, yes. The version number embedded in 
> bootstrap.configure flows into the code as a PACKAGE_VERSION define, and 
> the code has been modified to use that, so there shouldn't be any other 
> places to change the version number. I haven't heard from anyone that 
> has tested the snapshots to make sure they install properly on their 
> system (especially since the docs have been integrated) but they work 
> for me, for whatever that's worth.

I'd complain if they didn't work for me (I tried them of course). :)

> >nALFS homepage.  This is the last thing that makes nALFS kinda
> >dependent on me and I would like to allow others to mess with it too
> >(so I can finally send you all to hell and go do something else ;).
> There is also text in README that needs updating to reference the LFS 
> website as the "official" home of nALFS.

Much of the text in README can be removed too, once the information is
transferred to User's guide.


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