LFS-5.0 followup

David Barron David.Barron at sas.com
Wed Nov 19 08:50:42 PST 2003

Good, I'll take a look at it.  Do I still need to download the packages and patches or does this profile handle that?


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David Barron wrote:

> I knew there was another question I had thought of.
> Is any work being done on a BLFS-5.0 profile?  I'd be happy to try it 
> out if there is one in development.  Once this profile finishes 
> running on this antique Pentium 2 I'm using, anyway.

Yes, Vassili has a BLFS profile on the LFS server. I don't know if he 
has it packaged into a tarball for distribution, but it's in the CVS 
repository so it can be checked out from there.

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