[CFT] <patch> version 3.2 now in CVS

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 23 12:39:02 PST 2003

I have just committed the enhancements for the <patch> element as 
previously mentioned on the list. Anyone who is currently using a syntax 
version 3.1 profile and would like to either:

- be able to use compressed patches


- be able to automatically download and digest-check patches

is encouraged to try out a CVS snapshot and report the results. The new 
<patch> element automatically constructs a complete patch command, and 
the syntax is as follows:

<patch mode="forward" path_strip="1">
	<file>location the patch file should be downloaded to if not

The mode attribute can be "forward" or "reverse", which automatically 
adds -N or -R to the patch command (forward is the default). The 
path_strip attribute can be any valid value for patch's -p argument, and 
defaults to 1. Just like the <unpack> element, downloading of references 
and digest-checking the results are supported, as is automatic 
decompression of known compression types (gzip, bzip2 and compress). The 
decompression is done only for feeding the results to the patch command; 
the file at the path specified by <file> will be left in its original form.

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