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David Barron David.Barron at sas.com
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It would help if I attached the file.

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David Barron wrote:

> I'm using 1.1.8 and I'm letting it use wget.
> I was looking at the doc and it said "YAALFS does not process this 
> element yet" on the syntax page for the download element.  Did I read 
> that wrong?  I did have a download tag which never did anything so I 
> assumed that download hadn't been implemented.

That document refers to YAALFS, but you're using nALFS. nALFS does definitely 
support the <download> element as of version 1.1.8 (prior to that it had to be 
patched in). It's definitely more reliable using curl instead of wget, but wget 
should work for you.
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