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Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Nov 24 14:56:09 PST 2003

David Barron wrote:

> Yep, adding the version to the alfs tag took care of it.  Thanks.
> Can you have something like this:
> <download>
>   <url>http://some.place/dir/</url>
>   <file>this.file</file>
>   <file>that.file</file>
>   <destination>/tmp/</destination>
> </download>

I don't believe the syntax supports that, no. I haven't checked to be sure, but 
I know that <unpack> doesn't support it because it requires the full file URL in 
the <reference> element, and I don't think <download> supports it either.

One thing that would be useful, though, is to have <download>/<unpack> support 
<base>, so that you could have a series of downloads go into the same directory 
by putting them into their own <stage> with the proper <base> setting. If you 
think that might be useful, enter an enhancement request in the Bugzilla 
database and we'll take a look at doing it.

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