nALFS and Busybox

Dermot Bradley bradley at
Sun Sep 7 13:02:32 PDT 2003


now that I've got my LFS CVS profile working I've moved on to replacing
the likes of coreutils with busybox.

However I've discovered a problem with nALFS's use of "tar" for unpacking
source packages - as of nALFS 1.1.7 compressed tar files are unpacked
using "tar --use-compress-prog=bunzip2 -xvf %s" (or gunzip as required).

Unfortunately Busybox's "tar" program doesn't support the
"--use-compress-prog" option so, in Ch. 6 after building Busybox
(including its tar) nALFS fails to unpack the next package.

Nevin - could you change nALFS to use the "tar -z" and "tar -j" options
instead to handle gzip and bzip2 files in a portable manner (as both
standard tar and Busybox tar understand these).

Thanks in advance

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