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James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Sep 16 14:31:31 PDT 2003

Craig March wrote:
> All,
> Hi! I'm new to the mailing list and ALFS but not to LFS where I have managed 
> to successfully build a few machines with it. I like the goals that LFS 
> strives to make, and the recent activity with LFS and LSB sounds like a great 
> initiative if it gets going.
> I have had a quick look at the website and as far as I can see there is not 
> really a todo section or even a definative code base for ALFS (what with all 
> the different implementations) although I understand that the XML profiles is 
> obviously under development. Basically I'm offering myself to help with the 
> project but am not sure what to do. I have knowledge of C, HTML and IS which 
> I think may be relevent to this.
> Let me know if I can do anything.

Thanks Craig.

Right now the work I am on is to place nALFS under CVS source control. 
nALFS is Neven Has's implementation of ALFS.  You are right, there are a 
number of them.  We are using Neven's for a couple reasons: 1 - Gerard 
has and is using for the LFS project servers and 2 - the LSB is using it.

The product is written in C, has a custom XML DTD that it uses in 
conjunction with libxml2.  Neven is/will be in the process of posting 
his bug and do-list into our Bugzilla system.  If you do not have an 
account on it (, then I recommend 
starting there.

Neven will be the master of the code for ci, but anyone can certainly 
work on a bug or enhancement request from bugzilla.  Keep an eye out and 
we are getting geared up for a plan of action and such.


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