[Bug 619] Use md5sum if ssl library is not found

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Wed Sep 17 09:27:20 PDT 2003


------- Additional Comments From kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com  2003-09-17 10:27 -------
I'd suggest a third alternative: just grab the md5 computation code from any of
the dozens of GPL implementations and put it right into the download handler. I
don't see any reason to be dependent on openssl (in fact, that's the only reason
I even have openssl on my LFS system at this point), and using the md5sum binary
is overkill. The MD5 algorithm is not going to change, and the existing code
implementations are stable and bug free (and not very large).

And yes, I'm volunteering to do this if everyone agrees. If so, someone make me
the owner of this bug and I'll get a patch made in the next few days (don't need
CVS access, I'll just post a patch against CVS HEAD).

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