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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Wed Sep 17 10:33:58 PDT 2003

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Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I would think that C is not the best language.  You are doing a lot
> of string manipulation and other languages do that better than C. 
> Perl would be my initial choice because of its regular expression
> capability.  Besides, it wouldn't have to be compiled.

I agree with you. For the current main ALFS purpose (an automatic system 
build tool for the Toolchain/QA team), a script-driven language is 
easier to maintain and debug than a write/compile/fix/recompile/run 
tool. Minor bugs can be easily traced, as we can easily discover if the 
problem is related to the LFS-BOOK instructions or to the ALFS tool 

But an ALFS tool written in C has a key advantage: it can be compiled 
statically. This could be useful to create a static and isolated 
run-time environment and build the LFS system inside it.

Anderson Lizardo

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