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> Neven Has wrote:
> > That was spammy; a good way to make people unsubscribe from the
> > list, which I hope won't happen. :)
> That was alot.  I am working with the sysadmin team to create a new
> list. for this kind of stuff.
> > Just a few things...
> >
> > Priority of every bug is set to 5.  I didn't bother prioritizing them
> > for now, except for a few which I find important.
> The default is P5, Unconfirmed for all new bugs and enhancements.  It is
> up to the module owner(s) - that's you - to then figure out if they are
> real (changed from unconfirmed to new) and what priority they should be
> fixed (move up from P5 to P1 or whatever in between).
> > Every bug is UNCONFIRMED, which is not really the case.  I can't set
> > them to NEW with my current permissions.
> I fixed this, just now.
> > There are quite a few bugs that don't really belong to any of the
> > current components.  I guess we should have checked the items from
> > TODO lists, before creating those, but I don't think that's very
> > important.  It's easy to ignore it.
> That is fine.  It is close enough.
> > Anyway, I'm done.  So have fun adding, resolving, commenting,
> > resolving some more etc. :)
> Great, thanks Neven.  Question:  I did not look, but did you get
> everything from the TODO and BUGS files in the 1.1.7 source tarball?
> Now that you can change the status and such on a bug, would you mind
> going through them and changing their status (state) to something
> appropriate (like new?), if they have been confirmed by you ro someone
> else.  I see that you set the severity to either normal or enhancement.
>   Do you see any bugs (errors) as a different severity? If so, would you
> please change those?  I also see that you have set three bugs as P1
> (604, 605, 606).  The way we have been handling priorities with the book
> is explained on the wiki at:
> http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/index.php?pagename=BugzillaBugLifecycle
> I was thinking that it might be a good idea to try and do the same fro
> nALFS to help avoid confusion across projects.
> I was also thinking of doing a roadmap like we have for the book.  Do
> have an idea of what you want to do in the area?  Do you want to only do
> updates to 1.1.x or move to a 1.2.x or something version for new stuff?
>   What would be in those versions?  Thoughts?
> I am in process to get the code in CVS for co.  Hope to have that done
> today sometime. Depends on my day-job work load.
> James
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