Short-term nALFS roadmap

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Sep 20 06:27:35 PDT 2003

Neven Has wrote:

>>Possibly with all this stuff that's being added, we could move a 2.0 
>>release. If so, that would be an opportune time to make this change.
> 2.0 as a syntax version 2.0, or nALFS 2.0.0?  The below applies to the
> later. :)


> nALFS 2.0.0 would be way too high.  Changing that number goes with
> something like splitting the program into separate frontend and
> backend (just an example), or something in that rank.

Guess what's coming...fully libtoolized nALFS, which I haven't even 
listed in bugzilla yet :-) What we get out of this:

- --enable/disable-shared support (fixes the static link issue)

- the stuff in src/lib now will be a shared library ( 
instead of a static library, meaning not only do we not have duplicate 
source code, we don't even have duplicate object code

- the handlers can be versioned fairly easily, so the naming issue can 
be dealt with

- other stuff I haven't completely formulated yet

- if we choose to allow it, we can install header files into 
${prefix}/include that allows people to build handler modules 
_separately_ from their nALFS build... that one will take some work, 
though, and for little gain at this point

Stay tuned!

> But for 1.2.0, I think it would be perfect.  Along with P2 bugs.
> BTW, I would like to release 1.1.8 after fixing 668 (--with-ssl not
> adding relevant include directory) and 671 (duplicated curl code).

OK, I'll get 668 fixed right quick, it's a simple patch. I will also 
get 671 fixed, even though it's not the optimal fix (that will come 
after the libtool work is done).

> And if more P3 bugs are fixed before P2 ones (and the way Kevin
> started working on them, there's a good chance of that happening :),
> there is no reason not to release 1.1.9 soon after as well.

Yeah, I find particular types of things more interesting to work on, 
instead of going by bug priority. I hope that's OK... just make sure 
that things that really, really need to be in the next release are 
mared appropriately and hopefully one of us will address them.

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