Handler naming

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Sat Sep 20 21:15:26 PDT 2003

James Robertson wrote:

> I may be missing something here, but why can't the handler code files be 
> named for the handler - period.  So there will be a patch.c and 
> download.c or whatever.  Inside the file, can you put in checking code 
> to see what DTD is being used, so that the code and handle itself?

There are a few of issues that come to mind here:

- this puts the burden on the handlers, which means duplicated code, 
or at least duplicated calls to common code

- it's very possible that the syntax for a handler (i.e. <patch>) 
might change so dramatically between two DTD versions that the code is 
entirely different, and thus maintaining the handler code would become 

- I have some sneaky plans, once all the libtool stuff has been done, 
to allow for a configure option of --with-minimum-dtd=X.Y, so that you 
don't have to bother building handlers you're never going to use (this 
will be especially useful when it becomes possible again to build a 
static-linked nALFS)

> I saw your posts about /lib/libnALFS.so.  This seems really cool and a 
> good idea, especially from a user standpoint.  Do I need to put a bug in 
> for this?

No, not yet. I don't think I'm going want a bug entered until I do 
some preliminary work and see just well it's going to work. Until then 
it's a "skunkworks" project <G>

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