nALFS Roadmap

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Sep 21 19:55:38 PDT 2003


I have created a wiki based roadmap for nALFS based on our earlier 
conversation.  Here it is:

Notice that I did not put any 1.1.8 stuff on there.  You guys got to 
developing so fast (kewl) that we did not log what went in.  No biggie. 
  I looked at Bugzilla and added the p2 bugs to the v1.1.9 section.  I 
did not add the p3 bugs to v1.1.10 as I was not sure if that is what you 
guys are thinking.

If you can as you look through the bugs use the p1 for the current 
developement version (in this case 1.1.8), p2 for the next one (in this 
case v1.1.9) and p3 for the third down (in this case 1.1.10).  Any 
longer term items that do not have bugs on them that you want to mention 
you are thinking about and/or are skunkworks side projects, let me know. 
  We can do a 1.2.x section if you feel it is necessary.  I mostly want 
to  show to the LSB guys and others that we are serious about the tool.

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