nALFS 1.1.8 released

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Sep 23 08:34:01 PDT 2003

James Robertson wrote:

> That will make writing a user's guide harder.  I was trying/wanting to 
> write a nALFS specific user's guide including the syntax portion of the 
> syntax doc.  I was going to merge the two into one, but I can keep them 
> seperate and just reference the dtd xml pages with entities and relative 
> paths if I need to.  This would also replace README since a lot will be 
> duplicated in the user's guide.

Can CVS support "sharing" files between modules? If so, then the files 
could appear in both modules but only be updated in one. If not, then 
I think you're right, the user's guide would have to reference the 
syntax docs in another location. How are you anticipating the user's 
guide being distributed (in the tarball or on the web, HTML/PS/etc.?)

> I also mentioned writing a developers/hackers guide in the same lines as 
> the editors guides that the books have.  Is this something we want/need 
> and if so, where do we want that source kept?

That would be in the nALFS module itself, and not included in the 
tarball, probably.

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