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James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Sep 23 20:12:35 PDT 2003

Paul Campbell wrote:
> Are you/we missing something here?
> The LFS book, is in XML, the BLFS book is in XML...  they already describe in 
> more than enough detail how the packages are built.
> How much work would there be in modifying the book XML sources to be parsable 
> directly by a ALFS parser, or even transformed to ALFS syntax?
> I realise that the actual <configure> <make> stuff might be too far to go 
> within the book source but the command set could be extracted from a <code> 
> tag, or whatever is used there (sorry been away a while).  Download locations
> etc. can easily be lifted, and an estimated time to build calculated etc. etc.
> Anyone have any thoughts?

There have been many conversations on the lfs-dev mailing list on this 
very subject.  The LFS and BLFS book projects are in the process of 
scoping out a XML syntax change so that we can pull valid ALFS DTD 
syntax profiles straight from the books with an XSLT style sheet.  Hang 
in there, some really smart folks are on top of it.


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