Strange error

Xinkui Hao haox at
Wed Sep 24 20:59:15 PDT 2003


I have built a brand new system with nALFS-1.1.8. I use my profile for
1.1.7 and didn't met a problem. But when I boot into my new LFS and
installed libxml2 & nALFS-1.1.8, it keep complaining some warning like:

libXML Warning: Can't load external DTD ..../nalfs.dtd

It seems want to load the dtd in every directory.

Then I switch to my host(knoppix+ a small partition mounted as
/usr/local to install libxml2 and nALFS-1.1.8), use it's nALFS, no

What's the difference between knoppix and base-lfs?

Following is an example of my profile and I mark the place cause warning
in it:

<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM "nalfs.dtd" [
<!ENTITY % entities SYSTEM "../../entities.ent">
]>                <!--- This is the place lead to warning -->

<alfs version="3.1" xmlns:xi="">

<stage name="Finishing Off">
	<xi:include href="fstab.xml"/>
	<xi:include href="kernel.xml"/>
	<xi:include href="the-end.xml"/>


Xinkui Hao <haox at>

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