Strange error

Xinkui Hao haox at
Thu Sep 25 06:39:53 PDT 2003

> Xinkui Hao wrote on 25 September 2003 04:59
> ><!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM "nalfs.dtd" [
> Your profile is looking for a file called nalfs.dtd in the profiles
> working directory. The error is because it cannot find this file.
> Either change this line to the correct path for the dtd or copy
> the nalfs.dtd file to the working directory.

But I have this file in the root directory of all profiles. In each
subdirectories, no. And the strange thing is, the nALFS I installed
under knoppix don't complain about this but under base-lfs things
different. I'm thinking of it might be libxml2 need some additional
packages which the base lfs lacks. But after I installed python and
libxml2, nALFS again, it is still complaining about the dtd.

Anyway, it's  just a warning, and my profile can be loaded and work.
Thanks for your people's great work!

Xinkui Hao <haox at>

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