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James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Sep 28 18:23:02 PDT 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> James Robertson wrote:
>> All,
>> When we release the next version of nALFS, I wanted to get html 
>> processed versions of these two books into the src tarball.  I was 
>> also wanting to know if anyone thought is was a good idea to add 
>> makefiles for installing the books to --prefix/doc/nALFS-version?  
>> Most mainstream software does this, so I was wondering if we should do 
>> the same.
>> James
> I think this is an excellent idea. I will have the new build system in 
> the works this coming week, and since it will be based on 
> autoconf/automake/etc. it will be easy to do this (and to let the user 
> control the installation directory if they so choose).
> You will need to update the nALFS developer's guide (when it exists :-) 
> to tell the maintainers how to create the processed HTML version so that 
> it can be included in the tarball. Or would you rather it just be 
> downloaded from the LFS site at the time of tarball creation (that would 
> keep the nALFS maintainer from having to have all the docbook tools and 
> stuff)?

I am in the process of standardizing and cleaning up the syntax doc with 
some more docbook elements that I found that are also used in the BLFS 
book that Larry maintains.  Once I get that done, I will start on the 
User's Guide so these can go into the next version, whenever that is to 
be released.

As for the developers guide, you idea is sound.  It should be up to the 
documentation maintainer to handle the conversion and tarball creation 
so the source maintainers don't have one more thing to worry about.  I 
will put this in my notes for inclusion into that doc.  For, now, I will 
gladly produce ready made html files of both docs to be included in the 
next version's source tarball.


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