[VOTE] Re: directory-handling with nALFS

Reinhard bookreader at gmx.com
Thu Apr 1 21:03:29 PST 2004

On Friday 02 April 2004 01:02, James Robertson wrote:
> +1 for leave it alone.  I like the error and can easily use the parents
> option

Hello James,

could you please explain me the benefit of the error?

The change I did was to suppress the error only in the case that the existing 
target already is a directory. If the target exists, but is not a directory, 
an error will stil occure.

I suppose, that you do your own profile-writing.
Do you use the *parents* option for every mkdir occurrence?
I'm working to create profiles from the book and for so, I did not want to 
change the content of the book (adding a *parents* option where it is not in 
the book, is changing the book-content - IMHO).

What do you think about an entry in nALFSrc, whether the profile-handling 
should be "strict" or "relaxed" - in the sense, that an "relaxed" operation 
is like the behaviour of a well-formed Makefile :)

Don't know, whether I'm allowed to vote.

If so, I vote for relaxed handling (the patch and if liked the nALFSrc 

The fix I did was a first step toward this, the entry in nALFSrc could be a 
final solution for relaxed handling.

Kind regards


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