formatting in syntax_doc

James Robertson jwrober at
Fri Apr 2 06:02:08 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:

> Hello,
> last time I worked a bit with the syntax doc (HTML-version).
> In toc the tags play little role. The 'Element' is the eyecatcher cause of the 
> indentation and its optical weight.
> So what do you think about emphasizing the tags? 
> Within all the links it's now a pain for the eyes to find a tag - nearly 
> impossible without the textsearch of the browser.
> Kind regards 
> Reinhard

Please explain further.  Do you mean that the word 'element' is used so 
often in the TOC?  I can pull the word out, if it a PITA to find what 
you are looking for.  It just looks nicer in the other pages when an 
element is referenced.  The same variable is used to build the TOC, so 
if I pull it out, it is gone everywhere.  The names are supposed to be 
in alpha order.  Are they not?  I may have missed some.


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