nALFS CVS status update

Reinhard bookreader at
Sun Apr 4 09:47:21 PDT 2004

On Saturday 03 April 2004 18:34, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> For any of you that have had these problems with CVS HEAD give it
> another try and report your results. Thanks!

with the status of today, I noted the following problems:

- nALFS traps when you fetch glibc with cvs (chapter materials / packages)
	the tar after cvs-fetch works well.

- nALFS crashes if you use 'u' (that worked a few days ago)

- nALFS crashes on profile errors (the logging is fine now, so it's not that 
big problem)

- when an error occurrs inside the stage with lfs as user, nALFS is unable to 
delete the stamp-file (may be a permission-problem on using /var/log/ALFS as 

Kind regards


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