how will 'package-management' be implemented?

Joachim Beckers joachim.beckersNOSPAM at
Sat Apr 10 01:07:52 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've been an nALFS user for about a year now and it's been a most valuable
program to me. Unfortunately, nALFS still lacks some functionality that makes it
difficult to use it for any other purpose than building an LFS-system. IMHO it
isn't even usable to build a BLFS-system.

I can think of several reasons for this:
- there is no offcial BLFS profile (only a really old one from Vassili Dzuba)
- nALFS can't handle dependencies
- even if there was an official profile, it still would be hard to build a 
custom BLFS-system, because not everyone would want to install the same packages

The lack of an official profile will be adressed by the newxml-format that makes 
automatic generation of profiles possible, I guess.
Dependency handling is on the TODO-list (?and will be in nALFS 3.0?).

I was wondering wether anyone has already been thinking about the last issue, 
that is allowing the user to select which packages to build.
I think Reinhard has mentioned he has such a thing in his scripts, but I haven't 
been able to track down the post where he said that.

Comments welcome


joachim beckers
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