how will 'package-management' be implemented?

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Apr 11 17:53:29 PDT 2004

Joachim Beckers wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been an nALFS user for about a year now and it's been a most valuable
> program to me. Unfortunately, nALFS still lacks some functionality that 
> makes it
> difficult to use it for any other purpose than building an LFS-system. 

difficult yes...without everyone sharing profiles.

> IMHO it isn't even usable to build a BLFS-system.

HUH?!?!  I've got two BLFS profiles going as I type this, and strangely 
enough, both in the same place working on Xorg ATM.

> I can think of several reasons for this:
> - there is no offcial BLFS profile (only a really old one from Vassili 
> Dzuba)
> - nALFS can't handle dependencies

That should be handled in the profiles when written....but the person 
running nALFS is ultimately responsible for that ATM.

> - even if there was an official profile, it still would be hard to build 
> a custom BLFS-system, because not everyone would want to install the 
> same packages

I've currently broke mine up into 13 "stages" you can simply pick and 
choose through the stages....I'm still working on it ATM, but up through 
all the gnome deps in genlibs works well (stages 1-6).  For instance, I 
run stages 1-4 and stage 7 +stage 9 if I want a pretty good KDE.  All I 
do is just comment out the stages I don't want in BLFS.xml and 
system.ent (this is based off of the current LFS-CVS profile).  So nALFS 
is perfectly capable of building BLFS so long as you take the time to 
set up your profiles correctly.


Because I have no answer as to what is on the todo list for devel. 
Reinhard, if you need a place to put your current work...I can, and I'm 
sure others as well could host it for you if needed, Maybe even one of 
the editors is willing to throw it in their home directory to keep it in 
LFS land.

> Comments welcome
> regards
> joachim beckers

-- DJ Lucas

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