how will 'package-management' be implemented?

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Apr 12 12:04:21 PDT 2004

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> James Robertson wrote:
> <big snip>
>> The v3.1 DTD supports package dependancy, the
>> tool just does not use it right now.  Kevin is working on an enhanced 
>> logging feature with XML DTD that will go a long way to make package 
>> dependacies work better.
> But when dependency-checking will be in place, I still think something like
> <package_selections>
>     <package name="bash" install="yes"/>
>     <package name="binutils" install="no"/>
>     ...
> </package_selections>
> can be useful, especially because then there can be a standard BLFS 
> profile, and people would only have to edit the package_selections.xml 
> file to build their own, custom BLFS-system.
> regards
> Joachim Beckers

If implemented correctly, dependacy checking won't need this at all.  If 
you open a profile file for say X11.  Inside it, it will have all 
package dependancy information for X.  If you say GO, nALFS will use 
this information to install any depandancies that are listed in the 
profile that have not been installed yet as per the logs in 
/var/logs/nALFS.  We do need a way to handle optional dependancies, but 
that should be easy.


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