how will 'package-management' be implemented?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Apr 14 13:02:54 PDT 2004

Reinhard wrote:

> I personally would like to integrate the work in LFS land. AFAIK there's no 
> tools-section in LFS-land, so I would like the script to become part of ALFS 
> (my first choice), but others have to decide on that.

I don't mean to be pessimistic, but I can tell you that this type of 
solution (a script that parses the XML) will always be less preferable 
to something that uses the XML natively (i.e. an XSL style sheet). While 
I have not looked over your script in detail, I can see that it is tied 
a little to intimately to the book's current state, and will require 
changes any time the book undergoes significant revisions. With an XSL 
style sheet, my hope is that this would no longer be necessary.

However, I am also of the opinion that we will _always_ offer an 
up-to-date official profile, so there is not really any need for us to 
have a tool to generate a profile from the book sources. Think about it: 
if I want to do system build, would it be better to have to download the 
book sources and a tool to convert them into a profile, or just download 
the ready-to-run profile that is 1/5th the size?

If the user wants to modify the book sources and then generate a profile 
from that, then these tools can be useful for them. I don't mean to 
demean your efforts or your willingness to contribute, Reinhard, but I 
don't see a lot of value in a tool to generate a profile from the book 
sources. The book just does not change dramatically enough (or often 
enough) that manual maintenance of the official profiles can't keep up. 
However, if you and others are convinced there is value in a tool like 
this, I'm open to changing my mind :-)

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