[RFC][CFV]: new BLFS profile maintainers needed

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Apr 14 21:04:42 PDT 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

>>don't read those lists, but my instinct tells me that asking them to 
>>also bring up-to-date and maintain the BLFS profile is too much :-)
> Although you didn't ask me, but I am willing to help maintain it in
> addition to the LFS profile.

That's great, thanks for the offer Thomas! You may want to converse with 
"jeff" who posted earlier today that he has a profile that already is 
up-to-date with BLFS CVS.

>>The profile will need to be changed to work in a fashion more similar to 
>>the existing LFS profile, but that is not a large change. Most of the 
>>packages are out of date, and the chapter organization no longer matches 
>>the book. In addition, when nALFS 1.3 ships (supporting DTD syntax 3.2),
> Do have an ETA on when that will be??

I would say at least a month, if testing during the beta phase goes 
well. I don't expect to have the coding done for at least a week.

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