package-management & profile specs & nALFS future

chief_wrench oq at
Thu Apr 15 07:54:18 PDT 2004

hello gals and guys,

i followed this mailinglist quite a few months now. the package
management topic keeps popping up again and again. 

2 cents:

what i keep asking myself is: would it be possible to incorporate all
the information that is written in the book (all the text, dependencies
and configuratin hints) into the profiles?

we would thereby gain the ability to generate a linux via alfs as well
as building the book (or the website if you like) as well as any other

there has been an interesting idea some time ago that comes in here, but
was not further discussed. it was about having a qt-frontend for nALFS
built like the 2.6.x kernel-configuration.
with the above-mentioned profile-expansion we would be able to have
virtually any type of output at the same time (html, txt, ALFS-profiles,
...) without loosing vital information about configuration and so forth.
(n)ALFS would become much more like a book where it now lacks all the
vital invormation.

thx for your time

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