[RFC] ALFS version control system

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 15 16:54:41 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> I remember that.  I got the idea that a lot of folks were against using 
> a closed source tool.  I also recall though that BK is what the kernel 
> team uses right?  If it is ok with them, how can I argue!

Some members of the "kernel team" (Andrew Morton in particular) do not 
use BK, although honestly I don't know how he manages to do all that he 
does without using it. Linus, Greg K-H and other "top" members do use it 
for all their kernel work.

> Gerard is pretty opened minded.  I have admin rights on belgarath, so if 
> G gives permission, I can do the install and initial repo setup.  I'll 
> need help as I know zero about BK.  Heck, I am still getting used to CVS!

It won't be hard to set up; I will have to do some doc-writing to let 
people now exactly how we would have users access it. Most likely we 
would have three things set up: a public bkd daemon (for people to be 
able to clone trees, but not make any changes), an ssh-equipped bkd 
daemon (for LFS team members to be able to make changes) and a BK/Web 
server for people to be able to browse the BK repos with a web browser. 
There won't be any need to pre-create repos; as long as the "team" 
directories are created with the right group permissions then any team 
member will be able to create new repos in that directory via a shell 
session to belgarath.

Once we get some more responses to this thread (hopefully), I'll put a 
little time into this and put together a "working plan" for everyone to 

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