ALFS with BELFS profile

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Apr 15 19:03:51 PDT 2004

Thomas Beneke wrote:

> I got a failure, if I uncomment the entries in keymap.xml.
> The problem is, that the kernel-headers was removed in chapter5.
> I assume that the kernel-header files have to installed in chroot + 
> /usr/src/linux-{KERNEL-VERSION} .

OK, I've looked into this more, and I think this is a flaw in the 
profile, and it's a flaw in the LFS profile as well. In the LFS/BELFS 
books, there are keymap instructions on the "kbd" page in chapter 6, but 
only one of those instructions is intended to be used during that 
chapter; the other is intended to be used in chapter 8 while setting up 
to compile a kernel.

As it stands today, the profile wants to do both steps during chapter 6, 
which makes things more complicated than it needs to be. What I would 
prefer to see is that config*/keymap.xml be split into two pieces, 
keymap-ch6.xml and keymap-ch8.xml, and the relevant pieces be used in 
chapter06/kbd.xml (as it is now) and config*/kernel.xml (which would be 
new). This would alleviate the need to keep the unpacked kernel source 
around after chapter 6 if it's not going to be used, and it also means 
that the keymap command would be re-run if someone re-runs the chapter 8 
kernel build.

I think I'll make these changes to both the LFS and BELFS profiles; 
normally I would wait for some discussion, but I think everyone will 
agree and it's easy to back out if I'm wrong :-)

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