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Jamie Bennett jamie at
Thu Aug 5 13:06:04 PDT 2004


  This one mainly goes out to Kevin but in the vague hope that anyone
else is working on this I thought I'd post it to the list. Are you
Kevin, or anyone else, working on a nALFS replacement at the moment? I
know Kevin talked about it but he's been busy with his new start-up at
the moment and I've come to the point where this is needed by myself

  I've been asked by my customers to provide a yum like source based
package manager for the updating of their servers. Previously I've used
nALFS but a more friendly GUI interface is what they desire which can be
used over a network connection hence a definite split between the server
and client. I've been toying with the idea of working on splitting nALFS
properly but there are so many things that I wish to change that I feel
it would be worth-while making a complete break and moving over to
nALFS2. Among my needs are :-

	o	complete split of front-end and back-end to allow 		different
front-ends and the compiling of profiles over 		a network (think farming
off profile compilation to one 		dedicated profile compiling server).

	o	a new gui, web based for me, but could be anything 		(GTK/QT).

	o	SAX based parsing. 

	o	package downloading and verification before compilation.

	o	dependency resolution.

	o	proper logging for un-installation.

  These are just some of my idea's.

  Now I'd be happier to work along side other people to develop a tool
that could do all/most of the above as it would save me time and effort
but if need be I'll be going solo as this is something that is a
necessity for me now. 

  Thoughts, idea's?

	--	Jamie
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