nALFS2 development

Jamie Bennett jamie at
Thu Aug 5 13:50:11 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 21:30, Kendrick wrote:

> I agree with you on some of that...  I could see a web based installer 
> working really well dunno how that could be implemented though. I would 
> be happy to do what i can to help you out on this project.

What I had in mind was kind of like a webmin with apache type interface.
Select the packages you want to install and press the 'generate' button.
Currently nALFS uses sockets to spew data back and forth but the
implementation isn't completely separate. 

I haven't really had much thought on the web front end yet as I've only
just been dropped the bombshell today that I have to do this but I'm
looking in to it.

> I have been kinda kicking around the idea of a simple cli program? maybe 
> one that could support x as well that would generate a profile and once 
> the profile was made then insert it in to nalf to be run but im not sure 
> about that either.  was looking in to one with ncurses with the feel 
> smiler to mc  minicom and the kernel menuconfig.  since im not much of a 
> programmer though it hasent gone far.

lol ;)

	--	Jamie
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