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Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Sun Aug 8 04:53:24 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Joachim Beckers wrote:
>> You're thinking exactly what I'm thinking.
>> What I would like to add however is that nALFS2 should support 
>> crosscompiling natively, thus it should be possible to crosscompile 
>> LFS for say PPC using a standard LFS profile.
> I fully support this, but to this point I've not seen anything that 
> would indicate how nALFS would be different. Doing a cross compile would 
> just require a different profile, right?
Well, it would be nice if it wouldn't require a different profile, but I 
don't know either how nALFS could do the crosscompiling in a simple way 
that works for all architectures.

In-profile, it might be possible to do crosscompiling using conditional 
execution to change $CHOST and $CFLAGS, to build a full-featured 
toolchain (with more packages than the current chapter 5) and to 
eventually crosscompile chapter 6.

However, this would be quite a big step away from the book and 
eventually we'll end up with a profile that is completely different from 
the LFS profile.
In this case, we should also ask the LFS team whether they're ever gonna 
include crosscompiling instructions in the book, because without their 
support it'll become unmanagable very quickly.

I remember we had a discussion about this some months ago. I'll see if I 
can trace that discussion in the alfs-discuss-archives.

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