nALFS programming details

Jamie Bennett jamie at
Mon Aug 9 13:33:25 PDT 2004

Right, now I'm back from my business trip I really want to get the ball
rolling on fleshing out the idea's we've had so far.

As for communication protocols between the client and server I'm
inclined to do as Kevin suggested and use a well know standard even if
it seems a little overkill at the moment. If its done properly first
time then even if the project grows into something more than what we
envisage it at the moment we should have all the bases covered. After
doing a lot of reading on what would be best I've come to the conclusion
that SOAP is what nALFS2 should be using. 

For validation RelaxNG will be used.

XmlTextReader will do the parsing.

If anyone has any objections or thinks we should be doing something
different then say now before I fire up vi to do some coding ;)

        --      Jamie
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