nALFS programming details

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Mon Aug 9 14:00:29 PDT 2004


Jamie Bennett wrote:
> Right, now I'm back from my business trip I really want to get the ball
> rolling on fleshing out the idea's we've had so far.
> As for communication protocols between the client and server I'm
> inclined to do as Kevin suggested and use a well know standard even if
> it seems a little overkill at the moment. If its done properly first
> time then even if the project grows into something more than what we
> envisage it at the moment we should have all the bases covered. After
> doing a lot of reading on what would be best I've come to the conclusion
> that SOAP is what nALFS2 should be using. 
> For validation RelaxNG will be used.
> XmlTextReader will do the parsing.
> If anyone has any objections or thinks we should be doing something
> different then say now before I fire up vi to do some coding ;)

I was wondering whether we should think about making nALFS2 
object-oriented. That of course requires that it would be written in 
c++, and I don't think any of us is a real c++ programmer. (I try to be 
one, but so far I've only read a couple of books about it :-)

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