requests for nALFS2

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Aug 10 13:31:24 PDT 2004


Just want to bring up a couple of things I'd like to see included in the
next version:

1) I'd like to see nALFS identify packages independent of the method in
which they were compressed (gz or bz2), and then extract them
appropriately.  If you've downloaded the gz and the profile calls for a
bz2, you either have to go and download the bz2 or edit the profile.
Tedious. nALFS2 should be smart enough to make that distinction.

2) I think the md5sum checking should be optional. Jeremy Utley tells me
he generally does a "sed -i "/<digest>/d" *" to remove that bit.  I
understand.  It feels like another potential point of failure and more
work to make sure you've got it right.  Of course I also understand why
some may like and use that feature, but I personally would prefer to do
that when I'm getting the packages myself, and not have it be a
potential stopper to the automation.

Just a couple of points for now.

Don't flame me too much for them. ;)

Jeremy Huntwork

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