nALFS2 Daemon and Front Split

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Aug 10 21:25:26 PDT 2004

Uriah wrote:

> Sorry for cutting a lot of the previous post out, but is the idea that 
> when installing to a new machine, you will need to carry over (floppy, 
> cdrom, nfs, etc..) the daemon, profile, and packages?   Sounds like a lot 
> to lug around.  Can I suggest adding a third layer, mayhaps a worker 
> thread?

That's not quite what was intended, so I'll explain a bit more...

On the target machine (where the daemon would run), you would not need 
anything at all except the daemon itself (and whatever toolchain and 
other tools are required to do the builds). The profile files would be 
loaded by the client and fed over the socket to the daemon, for it to 
parse and make ready for use.

Packages could arrive at the daemon's system a number of ways:

- they could be already there on some sort of media (the method you 
referred to)
- the profile could contain download URLs for a local or remote server, 
and the daemon could download them
- the profile could contain download URLs that point back to the client 
system (previously discussed on this list as a "host://" URL), where the 
client already has a copy of the required packages

In my mind it should be possible to boot a new system into a very 
minimal Linux environment (base LFS + nALFSd) and then connect to it to 
start a build on that system. There would not be any mandated reason 
that the profiles or packages would need to be on that system, it should 
be possible to send someone a boot CD with very little on it and then 
connect to that system remotely to start the build, supplying the 
profiles and packages from the client end.

(That brings to mind another issue, which I'll start a new thread for)

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