requests for nALFS2

Kendrick kendrick at
Tue Aug 10 23:38:22 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> 1) I'd like to see nALFS identify packages independent of the method in
>> which they were compressed (gz or bz2), and then extract them
>> appropriately.  If you've downloaded the gz and the profile calls for a
>> bz2, you either have to go and download the bz2 or edit the profile.
>> Tedious. nALFS2 should be smart enough to make that distinction.
> This has been brought up before, but until someone can describe a 
> syntax for this behavior that actually works it cannot be implemented.
> Any potential syntax for the {unpack} element must support (at least) 
> four things:
> - the name of the file to unpack
> - where it is located
> - where it can be obtained from if it is not currently there
> - a digest to check the file against
> I do not see how there is a syntax possible that can describe all of 
> this without fully specifying the filename, including all extensions 
> that indicate packaging/compression formats. Granted, the current 
> "official" profile does not include any download URLs, but that is no 
> reason to change the ALFS syntax to work around this particular problem.
> If anyone who wants this feature can describe a simple, understandable 
> syntax that would work for the {unpack} element (and also for the 
> future {patch} element that supports compressed patches), please speak 
> up so we can all benefit from it. Previous discussions have ended with 
> no result.

Im wondering if this can to a extent be removed from the syntax as a 
issue and placed more in the added feature area.  if nothing else have a 
shell script that can help the client side? figure out what you have in 
the way of packages  kinda like the wget script for getting the packages. 

for example  have a set directory you place all the packages pre 
starting nalfs   say .../nalfs/lfs5.0/packages   then have the 
script/program? run through that predefined directory to clean up names 
it could also be set to notify the user that package XXX is missing from 
the base set of packages  which would also be benifical to the noobies 
because before they evin start it can tell them hay you got the wrong 
package you need this one.  as for he dtd another way may be to have it 
try .tar.gz  if it doent exist then  .bz2 if it doesnt exist either 
fail  ?  I did a quick search and didnt find much on this issue but 
probably dont know what the best terms to search for it are.

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