requests for nALFS2

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Wed Aug 11 01:18:30 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 11 August 2004 01:09
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> 1) I'd like to see nALFS identify packages independent of the method in
>> which they were compressed (gz or bz2), and then extract them
>> appropriately.  If you've downloaded the gz and the profile calls for a
>> bz2, you either have to go and download the bz2 or edit the profile.
>> Tedious. nALFS2 should be smart enough to make that distinction.
> This has been brought up before, but until someone can describe a syntax
> for this behavior that actually works it cannot be implemented.
> Any potential syntax for the {unpack} element must support (at least)
> four things:
> - the name of the file to unpack
> - where it is located
> - where it can be obtained from if it is not currently there
> - a digest to check the file against

I think (I may be wrong) that all Jeremy is asking for is that nALFS2
require you to specify what the compression method is for the package. The 
other information such as local location, download location and optional
will still have to be supplied. Just specify the filename and :-


The downloading <reference> part could have a preference, say
to search for from the url and if it can't we found try .tar.gz and so on. 
Same with the <archive> element. It could strip of the filename portion and 
compare the extension with .tar.bz2, tar.gz e.t.c and use the appropriate
decompression. All this relies on the digest not being checked though and 
should only work if digest checking is disabled which I don't see a big deal

	--	Jamie

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