Annoying SVN Problem -- My Fault?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Aug 31 18:25:53 PDT 2004

Keith Moore wrote:

>     Fetching external item into
>     'lfs.svn/ALFS/profiles/BLFS/tags/before-xincludes/DTD'
>     svn: URL 'svn://'
>     doesn't exist

This is normal, the old before-xincludes branch of the BLFS profile does 
not have a proper SVN property to get the DTD it needs.

> At this point, the svn operation stops.
> Is this an acceptable way to retrieve the entire repository?

There's no reason to retrieve the entire repository; while we can 
certainly fix this problem (most likely by removing the old branch), as 
time goes on the repository will always contain branches/tags/etc. that 
are dead, broken and/or don't checkout properly. Checking out the entire 
repository will never be a "supported" operation :-)

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