some things to do...

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Dec 2 06:01:22 PST 2004

Daniel Baumann wrote:

> two things to say:
> 1. parallelcompiling-hint: Will update the hint and the patch to 6.0 
> this weekend.

I've just patched the profile in trunk to support parallel building. 
Perhaps you could base any patches to 6.0 on that work, please.

> 2. somebody should now make the bind-mount default in 
> chapter05/creatingtoolsdir.xml, as already mentioned on the list twice.

Says who? I've searched the lists for previous discussion on this and I 
haven't found any decision to make that the default, nor am I sure that 
I agree with that.  Humor me please, by explaining why this is good to 
be *default* for our profiles.

Jeremy Huntwork

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