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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Dec 2 06:19:35 PST 2004

Daniel Baumann wrote:

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> I've just patched the profile in trunk to support parallel building. 
>> Perhaps you could base any patches to 6.0 on that work, please.
> actually, this was 'my job' with the parallel-compiling hint, however.


I was unaware that you were maintaining a current hint on that when I 
brought up the suggestion of including it in our profiles.  Seriously, I 
was not intending to step on anyone's toes.  If I had known you were 
doing that before I had done the work to modify the profile, I would 
have asked you to take care of it.  Please, if there are any adjustments 
to be made concerning what I have added to trunk, submit them.

Jeremy Huntwork

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