Parsing the LFS book as a profile

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Dec 2 13:00:36 PST 2004

Hi guys:

Neocool's been working on the possibility of using the LFS book as a 
profile. This might be of use because it removes the need to maintain 
separate ALFS profiles and there is hopefully much less overhead in 
setting up a successful ALFS build.  His thoughts on this can be seen here:

Currently, he's built a simple parser that is able to parse a slightly 
edited LFS book and extract its commands for use. His initial tests were 
based on the LFS unstable branch, revision 4327. Here is a diff of that 
revision of the branch and Neocool's adjustment:

The DOCTYPE edits were simply to speed up the parsing. The only 
necessary changes to the book were implementing the role attributes and 
some edits to <replaceable> tags for consistency.

If you'd like to see his work for yourself:

1) check out Neocool's parser, moongoo : svn co 

2) cd moongoo && wget

3) check out revision 4327 : svn co -r 4327 

4) cd BOOK && patch -Np1 -i ../parsable.diff

5) cd .. && make compile

6) ./moongoo BOOK/index.xml

You should see the output of the parsed commands from the book.

Anyway, I'd like to get some more discussion on this, because whether we 
aim to use the LFS book or maintain our own profiles should be something 
we have firmly in mind from the start.


Jeremy Huntwork

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