Parsing the LFS book as a profile

Boris Buegling boris at
Thu Dec 2 13:13:42 PST 2004

On 02.12.2004, Jeremy Huntwork created this extraordinary piece of modern literature:
>Anyway, I'd like to get some more discussion on this, because whether we 
>aim to use the LFS book or maintain our own profiles should be something 
>we have firmly in mind from the start.

My vote is still to have multi syntax support, as you can see in 
moongoo. There's a (not-yet working) parser for nALFS syntax in there 
too, which should be completed soon.

Boris Buegling <boris at>

"We think that we have found a more flexible solution called shadow 
filesystems. Unfortunately, support for shadowed filesystems is not yet
		-- From the GNU/Hurd FAQ
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