Parsing the LFS book as a profile

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Dec 3 10:03:12 PST 2004

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 05:13, Boris Buegling wrote:
>>Distributed-compiling doesnt alter the instructions afaik, so it should 
>>be possible, I'd also like to see that.
>It depends on how you do it. I use distcc myself in my alfs profiles to
>do the distributed bit, but i do modify the profiles. For one, I install
>distcc in /tools after Glibc is installed. If you were to use an already
>installed distcc it might not (very likely not unless you restart the
>existing daemon which you may or may not be able to do) use
>After I install distcc in /tools and make symlinks in /tools/lib/distcc
>to /tools/bin/{cc,gcc,c++,g++} the profile starts a new instance of
>distccd that runs on a different port and /home/lfs/.distcc/hosts is
>modified to use localhost:50000 (or whatever port you decide to use).
>So, some modification of profiles and /home/lfs/.distcc/hosts is desired
>to make sure the right tools are used by distcc too. When you get to
>chapter 6 you'd need to create /root/.distcc/hosts and reinstall distcc
>after gcc, binutils and glibc and run it on a different port again (just
>in case there's that first distcc running from the host system which may
>not be a pure-lfs type installation).
>If there's interest I can write up an email with the procedure I put
>together. There's of course ten ways of doing it and I'm not saying my
>way is right as perse. It's just *a* way of doing it that takes into
>account a possible running distccd that's not to be trusted so I build
>new ones.
Heh....that distcc setup almost sounds like something that would be good 
for a Hint!


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